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Kilwaughter Minerals Ltd. are pleased to announce the launch of our new online bulk ordering system (available on desktop and mobile). With a wide range of powders, sands and other aggregates available for bulk delivery or collection, you can view live information on available volumes and secure your order without even speaking to a person! Our excellent Customer Services team will then be in touch to confirm your order.

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Product Name Description
Product Name Description
5002 - Lst Sand Grade 1 Bulk Limestone Sand, Grade 1 – Bulk
5006 - Lst Sand Grade 2 Bulk Limestone Sand, Grade 2 – Bulk
A003 - Asphalt Filler - Bulk Asphalt Filler (Limestone) - Bulk
BL109 - CubiCAL Bulk Tipper Bulk Bedding Lime (CubiCAL)
C002 - Limestone Chips 4-8mm Bulk Limestone Chips, 4-8mm – Bulk
C004 - Limestone Chips 8-11mm Bulk Limestone Chips, 8-11mm – Bulk
C017 - BULK LST CHIPS 20mm Limestone Chips, 20mm – Bulk
F001 - Gran Lst Feed Mat 38% Ca Bulk Limestone Feed Material, Granular, 38% Calcium - Bulk
G008 - Limestone Grit 2mm Bulk Limestone, Grit 2mm – Bulk
G016 - Limestone Grit 2-4mm Bulk Limestone, Grit 2-4mm blended – Bulk
G023 - Limestone Blended Grit Feed Material 38% CA4m Limestone Feed Material, 2-4mm blended Grit, 38% Calcium – Bulk
KF301 - KF30 Bulk Fine white powder. ~ 99.7 % passing 125 um, ~ 50 % passing 30 um.
KF31 - KF3 Bulk Fine white powder. ~ 99 % passing 125 um, ~ 50 % passing 3 um.
S100 - Lst Sand Grade 3 Bulk Limestone Sand, Grade 3 – Bulk
W001 - Lst Fine Whiting - Bulk Limestone Powder, Whiting - Bulk
W005 - Whiting Lst Feed Mat 38%Ca Blk Limestone Feed Material, Whiting, 38% Calcium – Bulk